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Dear Elaine Ferretti or Natale, which Legal Notice are you talking about? Which Legal documentation are you talking about? I of course want to see those suppose "Legal Notice" and "Legal Document"!!! You can not accuse anyone without proof!!!

I did not receive anything and your supposedly attorney did not contact me!!! The Law Office that is suppose to represent you does not exist!!!

To be a scam artist you must charge people for a service is not provided through a business does not exist, for example!! It is what you do, we don't!! You pretend to be a psychic / astrologer and you are not. You are using different names, and your business does not exist even if you are charging your victims by credit card from your home!!! Any one can check by using the public search on the web of the Florida Corporation, it is one of them.

You did a huge mistake by accusing us of something is untrue. The law exist to punish people like you that are lying to protect their crimes and try to escape the legal consequences of their actions.

Why do you not try to reach me directly?? Why do you not answer my e-mails?!!

Thanks to let me know that you want the New Times to know the truth, I am taking care of it!!

Please, if anyone has informations on this woman let me know, your name would not be exposed, you can reach me by e-mail:

In my attempt to try to settle this matter with Elaine Ferretti, I was expecting an answer.

Even if my accusations are serious she is simply running away from her responsibilities.

She did not attempt to defend herself or threaten me of a law suit. I am not even sure that she consulted an attorney.

She did not denied any of the facts included the fact that she is using stolen SS#.

In my opinion, it means that she knows I am right and that she does not know what to do. She is simply afraid.

I am suspecting that she thinks to move to New Jersey.

Elaine Ferretti is not only a fraud

and scam, she is a coward.

After updating the report # 601546 on the 14 of May, 2010, on Rip-off Report I received a letter signed by Paul Hampton Crockett, attached to an E-mail from "The Crockett Law Firm" that is supposed to represent Ms. Natal. Of course, in this letter, Paul Crockett an attorney at law, the supposedly author of this letter, did not mention "Ferretti", one of the name this woman used for her Psychic / astrologer scam business. He even did not mention her first name.

This letter was supposed to be a response of a Legal threat letter sent my e-mail to try to settle a financial compensation for the damages she caused me.

I was eventually expecting a treat of a law suit for defamation.

1- "The Crockett Law Firm" does not have any legal existence. According to the Florida Corporation there is no record of "The Crockett Law Firm" as fictitious Name or Legal Entity, like Corporation or LLP.

The address of "The Crockett Law Firm" is 1737 S.W. 12Th Street, Miami, 33135. Florida. That is very disturbing because this address is a residential address in a residential zone, so can not possibly be a "Law Office"!!!

2- This letter had been sent to me through Elaine Natale or/and Ferretti, the supposed "Law Office" client e-mail address, I was not contacted directly by her supposed attorney.

3- In this letter I had been informed on those term that "Any further communication with Ms. Natale has to be in writing, and not by telephone or other means".

So this attorney decide for me how do I have to communicate with his supposed client!!! I don't think there is a law to impose a specific way of communication.

But what should be the proper way if Elaine Natale or/and Ferretti is his client, is to request from me to direct all form of communication to his Law Office.

If Elaine Ferretti or/and Natale is represented by "The Crockett Law Firm", I should not be able to communicate directly with her but with her attorney!!!

To ask me to communicate by "mail only" with his client, seems very odd and suspicious.

4- I strongly believe that this letter had been antedated on the 12 of May, 2010, but had been written on the 14 of May, 2010, after Elaine Natale or/and Elaine Ferretti read the update of my report against her.

5- This letter is too personal, bossy, hateful without any rational facts to prove any point. The individual who wrote this letter was angry and was looking for revenge.

The contents of this letter is unethical. I have a hard time to believe that a licensed attorney could write "…even as you dig yourself deeper and deeper into a black hole of criminality…", "…however, and the exact point at which you opened up for yourself a world of serious trouble", "…Act wisely, and listen…"

6- In this letter I had been accused of "Extortion", "Grand thief" and threaten of being arrested, prosecuted and jailed!! But any legal actions against me had been mentioned in this letter.

7- This letter is in fact an attempt to scare me and to intimidate me to restrain me to publish anything on Rip-off Report or other site and to restrain me against my will to file a complaint to the authorities.

The will to try to scare me to force me to give up on my rights is very overwhelming.

If anyone are interested to read this letter, I will be glad to forward to you by e-mail, you would see by yourself.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Psychics do NOT exist! Every one of them is a *** artist that preys on the misfortunes of others.

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