she is the worst *** ... card reader

and *** .. starts with an s ...

the only thing she can predict is

when your credit will run thru her

machine .. she wants and deperaterly wants to be oprah's inner circle .. she want to sit like a *** goddess

and pass judgment on the world

her is what this *** is

a *** .. for her husband .. her forced her to give up son .. now he has to give her money since he like his *** up whores and *** ..

she wantz to see her grant child after she *** hr own son over her need to .. take care of her tony sapraono

she sucks *** for a man to take care of her

that is how she has had money or anything ..

her last man left her his world.ly goods

she used that up ..

she want's urs so it can pay for living

in miami beach .. living the lifestyle

on ur money

tell this *** and idi0t to *** off

she has no talent .. no skill except

for using y0ur pocket book

don't be *** .. don't take to her

tell her .. to *** of ***

u have no skills

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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